Nordic Ambience: OSI AND THE JUPITER sign with Eisenwald and reveal release details

Osi and the Jupiter emerge from the shadowy forests of Ohio and join forces with Eisenwald. Sean Deth (also the frontman/bassist of Burial Oath and Witchhelm) offers his multi-instrumental talent in honor to Northern pagan traditions and in worshipful tribute to the peaceful finality of death.

We have the honour to present to you the first physical release of this stellar project:


OSI AND THE JUPITER – “Uthuling Hyl”

1. Baldur 06:35
2. Draugadóttinn 07:02
3. Útiseta 06:27
4. Ulv Kult 04:16
5. Ravencraft 04:08
6. Hlidskjalf 05:28
7. Empty Moons 05:54
8. Old Dead 04:26
9. Landvœttir 07:18

“Uthuling Hyl” will be out on DigiCD on December 15th, the album can already be pre-ordered via the links below:
»Eisenwald Online Store

A full album stream can be found here.

From its birth in 2015, the focus of the project has been on the spiritual connection between nature and the will of the old Gods – channelled through various representations of life, death and rebirth, this connection speaks through these musical creations, resonating as wordless tributes to these nebulous yet fundamental concepts.

Osi and the Jupiter has been compared with musical groups such as Wardruna, Forndom, and Ulver by both fans and reviewers alike, an association that underlines the absorbing sonic soundscapes sculptured. ‘Uthuling Hyl’ is both the story of unheralded songs amongst the shadows of existence and a soundtrack to a journey across unknown realms ruled by ancient Gods. Join us in this journey and embrace the ritualistic ambience of pagan worship.

Line up:
Sean Kratz – Instruments, samples, voices, lyrics
Kakophonix – Cello
– Hall of the Wolf (2016)
– Uthuling Hyl (2017)

“… a haunting, hypnotic, and intensely moving experience.” –

“this music would fit perfectly on the soundtrack to a show like Vikings.” –

“standing alongside its European counterparts as a future leader of modern pagan folk music.” –

“Osi and the Jupiter offers a beautiful album. Atmospheres, songs, instruments … Everything is successful. Uthuling Hyl is a work that we would like to see more often, with wonderful qualities.” –

“Uthuling Hyl is folk music done just right, and man, is it done right. Each track is wonderfully woven and performed and the album as a whole is simply a great listen, no question about it. Truly enchanting.” –

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Scream of eastern lands – EVILFEAST reveal new album details

… Snowfall, trees wrapped in delicate white, swirling winds blow and wipe out ones sight after a few steps. Glimmering full moon, the forest eternally, yet resplendent. A silent sentinel has returned.

“Elegies of the Stellar Wind” marks the 5th full-length for Poland’s epic one-man Black Metal outfit Evilfeast. On the successor to 2011`s lauded, ‘Wintermoon Enchantment,’ sole member GrimSpirit hasn`t changed much on the band`s majestic formula. Sprawling, epic keyboard arrangements paired with cold and harsh walls of guitars and dedicated vocals whispering of old times and solitarity. Unfolding its layers track by track, the album unlocks a dripping atmosphere. At times freezing in solitude, at others resolute melodic with choral pillars. Enhanced like never before, these elegies reach an almost monumental peak.

But there is also something beyond the surface of a much dedicated 90`s black metal record. Over 60 almost time traveling minutes, the eerieness of a construction that seems to remove the listener from its usual aural sphere and what dwells around, away from the urban life and being. This new output seems to weave all elements and melodies together into a texture of essential black metal to surpass the longest of nights.

The tracklist of the album is as follows:
1. The Second Baptism… Shores in Fire and Ice
2. Winter Descent’s Eve… I Become the Journey
3. Lunar Rites… Beholding the Towers of Barad-Dur
4. From the Northern Wallachian Forest… Tyranny Returns
5. Archaic Magic… A Cenotaph Below the Cursed Moon
6. Inclinata Resurgit… Rebirth of My Noble Dark Kingdom

“Elegies of the Stellar Wind” is out on December 15th, the album can already be pre-ordered in various formats via the links below:
» Eisenwald online store
» Bandcamp

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Karelian magic: HÄIVE sign with Eisenwald and reveal new album

As an expression of sole protagonist Janne ‘Varjosielu’ Väätäinen’s desire to explore themes of nature, despair and oblivion through the medium of folk-influenced black metal, Häive has been in existence for the best part of fifteen years. Across numerous demos, two multi-artist split releases, one full-length album (2007’s ‘Mieli Maassa’) and one EP (2010’s ‘Saimaata ei sanoilla selitä’), Varjosielu has demonstrated a meticulous, considered approach to delivering his art. Each release is carefully crafted, the musicianship executed with precision and care to ensure that Häive’s singular vision is delivered without compromise.

2017 bears witness to the next chapter in the evolving journey that is Häive – Eisenwald has the honour of unveiling the long-awaited second full-length album from this most focussed of acts. Entitled simply ‘Iätön’ (Finnish for ‘Ageless’), this painstakingly crafted recording represents a true journey into the very soul of the band. Each element of Häive has been taken to the next level – the driving-yet-delicate guitars, impassioned vocals, powerful percussion and deeply thought-through themes, every aspect has been refined further in order to draw the listener into Häive’s world.

And as for this world – it is a place of loss and remembrance, winter-stripped trees giving way to the cold bare earth, chill-worn soils that have born witness to the eternal cycles of nature. Life, death, rebirth and renewal, the ageless landscapes of the north have seen it all and its stories dwell deep within – but never forgotten by those who would stop to tell these tales. These are the tales told by Häive across the breadth of this captivating musical opus.

All music and artwork photos on ‘Iätön’ by Varjosielu. Recorded by the band and then mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, UK ( The album was designed by Misanthropic Art ( with handwritten songtitles by Marie Nosper. The new Häive logo drawn by Christophe Szpajdel (

1. Iätön – Ageless
2. Turma – Ruin
3. Lapin Kouta – Kouta From Lapland
4. Kuku, kultainen käkeni – Sing My Golden Bird
5. Tuulen sanat – The Spell Of Wind
6. Salojen saari – Esoteric Isle
7. Tuonen lehto, öinen lehto – Grove Of Tuoni, Grove Of Evening
8. Virsi tammikuinen – Song Of January

With ‘Turma’ we are streaming the first track from the upcoming album:

‘Iätön’ is set for a release on November 24th on CD/Tape/Digital and December 1st on Vinyl.
Pre-order is available now:
» Eisenwald online store
» Bandcamp

Follow HÄIVE:

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In the shadow of the wolf: WERIAN – ‘Lunar Cult Society’ out November 10th

“Werian” is an old Germanic expression for the act of man transforming into a werwolf by wearing wolfskins and practicing shamanistic rituals under the use of psychedelic medication.

Conceived and formed by musicians with different muscial backgrounds during 2009, Werian intends to create something unexpected without musical limitations. Their fusion of raw Black and Doom Metal combined with elements of Rock and psychedelic embellishments gave birth to their own style of music, described by the band as ‘Experimental.Black.Doom.Art’.

‘Lunar Cult Society’ is a re-issue of the two sold out demonstration archivements from Werian. Inviting the listener once more to step into the wolfcult and the realm of obscure rites. Haunting alchemy paired with grotesque and inductive sonication. Transformation doctrines, you shall awake and follow the call of blood…

Out on ‘10/11/2017’ as special black on black digipak CD with poster and digital formats.
Stream the album here:

1. Werian 06:33
2. Manus Mortua 10:37
3. Conversion 09:30
4. Into the Twilight 05:05
5. Acid Mountain 14:55
6. Devourer 11:54
7. Among Humans 10:48
8. Werian – Alive (Bonus)

» Eisenwald online store
» Bandcamp

Follow the band on FACEBOOK and BANDCAMP.

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Out of a long black veil: INFAUST – ‘Verblichen’ out November 10th

Out of a long black veil, and a 9-year hiatus, Thuringian black metal lunatics, ‘Infaust,’ return properly equipped with their 3rd album. Already tracked and finalized between 2011 and 2014 (with mastering duties taken over by AOD), ‘Verblichen’ (Faded) marks a return to form, ruling out every doubt of changes or modern attitudes. These seven black manifests of raw misanthropic energy and cold will seem to bleed seamlessly bleak from the audio cabinet.

While firing off waves of raw & oppressive tunes, they create a vortex of death, decline and somber reflections on life. Manipulating and psychologically death-adoring lyrics wrapped in a stream of atmospheric rushing guitars, deep-roaring bass, and double vocal desperation.

‘Verblichen’ will not just enrich their catalogue with another plain number, it withstands trends in a time of hype and changing flavours. Old school black metal, pure black devotion.

2.Die Aversion

Verblichen will be out on ‘10/11/2017’ as Digipak CD with booklet on uncoated recycling card stock, and digital formats.
Album release page and track streams:

» Eisenwald online store
» Bandcamp

Follow the band on FACEBOOK and BANDCAMP.

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