Wyntar is over! Thuringian Black Metal folklorists MOSAIC announce 7″ single “Cloven Fires” for September.

In advance of MOSAIC‘s upcoming debut full-length Secret Ambrosian Fire, set for release in late November, the band – directed by multi-instrumentalist Valkenstijn (Sun of the Sleepless, Empyrium, Nachtmystium) – opens a new circle with Cloven Fires. Known for its long and complex atmospheric battery, the band’s upcoming music offers an entirely different approach to what it calls “Supreme Thuringian Folklore.”

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„Cloven Fires“ was recorded in Valkenstijn’s House of Inkantation, between MMXV and MMXVI, and features D.E. of Werian on drums and longtime collaborator Leshiyas (Vivus Humare) on bass. The song itself deals with the four alchemistic transformation stages in a rather deep and metaphorical fashion.

The b-side of the vinyl includes an exclusive unreleased recording from the Inkantation vaults, titled „Ambrosia.“ Featuring former Secrets of the Moon drummer Heemann on percussion, and recorded between MMXIV and MMXV, the track is a disturbing call to reflect modern society’s imminent collapse.

All music was mixed and mastered at Klangschmiede Studio E by Markus Stock (Empyrium, Sun of the Sleepless, The Vision Bleak).


Valkenstijn – all visions and music

Live Members:

E.H. – drums & percussion

Sulphur – lead guitar

Iskaremus – bass

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Swedish Black/Death Metal Act NETHERBIRD Signs Worldwide Deal with Eisenwald

Swedish melodic black/death metal act NETHERBIRD has signed a worldwide deal with Eisenwald and will issue a new album Into the Vast Uncharted this fall.

The Stockholm-based band, which features longtime ex-Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson, is currently in the mixing phase for its upcoming album. More information will be announced in the coming months.

NETHERBIRD has blurred the boundaries between black, death and other extreme strains of heavy metal since 2004. The band was founded by like-minded individuals among the Swedish metal scene with the intentions of creating harsh metal while drawing inspiration from black and death metal without any regards, or limitations, to the structures surrounding each respective sub-genre.

While originally conceived as a studio project, NETHERBIRD featured a wide array of renowned guests and guild members to add their personal touch to the musical canvas: Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, The Haunted, ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Paradise Lost), Janne Saarenpää (The Crown), Daniel “Mojjo” Moilanen (The Project Hate, Katatonia) among others. Even the further history of NETHERBIRD as a band credits a long list of versatile musicians, such as Nils Fjellström (Nordjevel, ex-Dark Funeral), Tobias Gustafsson (ex-Eucharist), Erik Röjås (Sterbhaus, ex-Decadence), Love Stark (Mephorash, Withershin), to join the unit at different stages and refine its sound with their unique skills.

Over the years, NETHERBIRD has released four full-length albums and made a number of tours across Europe, including several festival appearances. Their latest album is 2016’s critically-acclaimed The Grander Voyage, which catapulted the band into the higher echelon of extreme underground metal. Now, it is time for the next step with the release of Into the Vast Uncharted via Eisenwald.

“We are very pleased to announce that we have signed to Eisenwald and that our next album, Into the Vast Uncharted, will be the first release we do with them,” says the band’s founder and vocalist Nephente. “We see this collaboration as a natural step for us, and we feel that Eisenwald share our vision and musical direction. Onwards!”

FFO: Dissection, Watain, Naglfar, Unanimated, Vinterland 


Johan “Nephente” Fridell – vocals
Pontus “Bizmark” Andersson – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Tobias “Tinitus” Jakobsson – guitars, backing vocals
Johan “Nord” Nordin – guitars, vocals
Micke “M.A.” André – bass
Fredrik Andersson – drums

https://store.eisenton.com/ (U.S. store)
https://store.eisenton.de/ (Rest of world)


For interviews and coverage in North America, please contact nic@carcosapr.com.

For Europe, please contact Wolf / Sure Shot Worx at wolf.muehlmann@t-online.de.

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The harbinger of the next Osi And The Jupiter album – Eisenwald to release limited 7″ vinyl single “Grå Hest” worldwide on August 2nd, 2019.

Resounding here is the self-titled album track on side A, that combines the ritualistic echo of ancient lore within a profound pagan-folk ambiance.

The song narrates a part of the Völsunga saga, where Siegfried meets up with Odin disguised as a grey-bearded old man, and how Grani, the most beautiful steed and offspring of Sleipnir, became Siegfried’s horse.

Side B reveals the exclusive track ‘Autumn’, a tranquil, piano synth piece leading the way out of this first preview into the world of the upcoming Osi and the Jupiter record.

The upcoming full-length record “‘Nordlige Rúnaskog’ is set for a release in autumn 2019.

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Sinister Visions from Poland – Eisenwald to release new By The Spirits record worldwide on August 2nd, 2019.

BY THE SPIRITS is a folk project hailing from the mystic woods of the Lower Silesian region near the ancient Sleza mountain in Poland. Founded in 2016, the solo-artist Michal Krawczuk created a remarkable catalog and played over 40 shows throughout Europe. The essence of BY THE SPIRITS is to create folk-inspired music and lyrics that tell about the connections between man and nature, the spirituality within, love and death.

„Visions” is a compilation of old and new music that renders the scope of ‘By the Spirits’ aura thus far. Besides featuring the demo and EP material, the record holds three brand new songs, one cover version of COIL, and two alternate versions of previously published songs.

All material was carefully restored from the original sources and newly mixed by Martin van Valkenstijn (MOSAIC / House of Inkantation), then mastered by Danijel Zambo (walden, At Sea Compilations).

Michal / By The Spirit concludes: ” ‘Visions’ features the full range of By The Spirits starting from the early beginning until nowadays and it never sounded better. Some of the songs are well known from my previous records, some got released only online, some of them were never released before at any platform. I wanted this to be, at the same time, a summary of the 3 years of By the Spirits so far, and also opening the new chapter of cooperation with Eisenwald and writing a new album.”

The first single “Secret Trees” is available through your device of choice. The official video premier is proudly presented by the new established zine for “Art:Culture:Nature” – “Der Eibenreiter” – please go to https://der-eibenreiter.de and check it out (German Only).

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“Durch die Nacht das Unheil schreitet von Dämonen, Hexen, Pest begleitet” – Eisenwald to release UNGFELLs debut full-length “Tôtbringære” for the first time on CD and Vinyl

Originally composed in 2016 by Menetekel, Ungfell’s debut album, “Totbringaere”, brought forth the most hideous pestilence in the form of frenetic riff work and melodies of medieval death. The album chronicles an anthology of horror, filth and sinister witchcraft from a time that may seem foreign to modern man, making the work all the more immersive. This version of the Album has been remastered for additional formats, without altering the raw sound of the original recordings and thus retaining their pure character.

It also includes the previously unreleased track “Hexenmal” which was recorded between “Tôtbringære” and their second full-length “Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz “.

Also available for pre-order is the official Ungfelll logo Pin.
Each of these pins arrives custom packaged in a specifically made black cardboard fold-out box featuring embossed merch sigil, with band related obi strip, and hand-numbered. The pin is kept by a foam layer and will further protect your pin and clamps from deforming or breaking.

The worldwide release is set for August 2nd, 2019.

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