UADA reveal release details for upcoming album ‚Djinn‘

Today, Eisenwald sets September 25th as release date for Uada’s massively anticipated third album, Djinn.

Since their formation in 2014, Uada’s rise has been meteoric. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the band quietly released their debut album, Devoid of Light, in 2016 through Eisenwald, and word of mouth quickly built from there: here was BLACK METAL writ large, classic and uncompromising but brimming with power, soul, and artistry, and all without bluster and bathos. Uada’s debut album surely expanded the lexicon of the melodic black metal idiom, and the underground took notice. Two years later came Cult of a Dying Sun, whereby the band further perfected their craft and compellingly took to the stage, their performances garnering as much acclaim as their recordings. During all this, more than the underground started to take notice; the name Uada was on the tongues of folks usually reticent to black metal.

Now, almost effortlessly, Uada fully perfect their craft and deliver their masterwork: Djinn. Simply titled but by no means simple in construction nor execution, Djinn builds upon the increasingly ambitious songwriting of its no-less-considerable predecessor, but pushes their dazzling artistry into nearly Technicolor landscapes of the Beyond. Upon the first opening notes, this boundless artistry is felt: big, rolling rhythms reminiscent of post-punk, tantalizingly setting the stage for the splendorous expanses to follow. There’s a certain magick at play here, no doubt bolstered by the band’s rhythm section of Josiah Babcock (who puts in his final performance here) and new bassist Nate Verschoor, erstwhile mainman of Veiled; this throttling-yet-deft foundation both leads and plays acute counterpoint to the spiraling, windswept riffing of founders Jake Superchi (also vocals) and James Sloan, their guitar work transcending the poignancy of prior works. And indeed, Djinn’s generous six-song/hour-long runtime no doubt allows the listener the ultimate freedom to roam within Uada’s ever-unique world, spanning both smothering speed and deliriously dream-like states, Very Metal urgency and textural exploration alike – put simply, the band at the height of their creative powers. Djiin is truly its own realm of experience.

“Djinn, first inhabitors of this world, the smokeless fire and those we call upon our enemies, has gifted us a 60-minute descent into the modern-day possessions of our existence and demise,” state the band, “A duality that can only be known as our third wish.”

Graced once again by breathtaking cover art courtesy of the legendary Kris Verwimp, and with imminent touring plans into 2021, Uada shall overtake the throne with Djinn.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new title track “Djinn” at Eisenwald’s official YouTube channel:

And via Uada’s Bandcamp:

Tracklisting for Uada’s Djinn:
1. Djinn [7:50]
2. The Great Mirage [6:50]
3. No Place Here [13:40]
4. In the Absence of Matter [9:49]
5. Forestless [7:55]
6. Between Two Worlds [13:56]

release notes:
All music by UADA
All lyrics, arrangements & compositions by Jake Superchi

Vocals, guitars, keyboards & additional percussion recorded by Jake Superchi at Obsidian Spells
Drums recorded by Charlie Koryn at Toadhouse Recording, Portland, Oregon
Produced, mixed by Jake Superchi at Obsidian Spells
Mastered by Greg Chandler

Album cover & moon emblem by Kris Verwimp
Photography by Adriana Michima/Michima Photography, taken in the Alvord Desert, Oregon

Band photography by Adriana Michima/Michima Photography, taken in the Alvord Desert, Oregon.

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Lifting shadows – UADA reveal album cover and tracklist of “Djinn”

Lifting shadows, today we share another look into the upcoming UADA album and reveal cover and tracklist.

‘Djinn’ is once again graced with artwork by the legendary and long time supporter Kris Verwimp.


1. Djinn (7:50)
2. The Great Mirage (6:50)
3. No Place Here (13:40)
4. In the Absence of Matter (9:49)
5. Forestless (7:55)
6. Between Two Worlds (13:56)

Total running time: 60:00

Pre-save the song ‘Djinn’ for streaming sites, available June 12th:

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Made of Smokeless Fire – Title track of the upcoming UADA album unveiled

We present ‘Djinn’, the title track of the upcoming UADA album.

Witness a track that easily elevates on the no-less-considerable predecessors, yet pushes the band`s dazzling artistry into nearly Technicolor landscapes of the Beyond.

The album cover, tracklist, and full announcement to commence in the coming weeks.
Band picture by Michima Photography taken in the Alvord Desert, Oregon.

Today we dedicate this to all that have suffered loss & hardship through the great pandemic of 2020. For you and for all, we offer a free download of “Djinn” on Bandcamp.

Listen to the song exclusively on Youtube and Bandcamp:

Pre-save the song for all other streaming media, available Friday, June 12th:

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The Spiritual Connection: OSI AND THE JUPITER reveal release date and infos for upcoming EP ‚Appalachia‘

On ‘Appalachia’, enigmatic duo Sean Kratz (vocals, guitars, synths) and Kakophonix (cello) take us further into the unique landscapes that have been explored by Osi and the Jupiter since their formation in 2015. This time, they draw upon the surroundings of their homelands in eastern Ohio to weave dedications to the Appalachian region to which the title of this three-track EP is dedicated.

In honour of this more personal wellspring of inspiration, Osi and the Jupiter’s sound has evolved from the ambient soundscapes of yore into more direct expressions of yearning. Voice, ambient synth drones, acoustic guitar and cello underpin these delicate homage’s to a mysterious, myth-laden region. Kratz’s heartfelt, plaintive vocals speak openly of surroundings that clearly resonate deep within. Gentle strummed melodies support these tales, whilst the ever-inventive cello melodies of Kakophonix reach onwards to distant places as yet unseen.

‘They Ride Through the Sky on Horse Drawn Chariots’ sets the tone with dramatic swells, leading the listener by the hand into these new realms. ‘Appalachia‘ follows, replete with yearning vocals and delicate, countrified picking. ‘The Binding Will of Mountains’ closes this unique collection of songs with a twelve-minute journey throughout the myriad soundscapes that Osi and the Jupiter have explored throughout their existence.

To be released July 31st as 180g 12″vinyl + CD, exclusive bundles, download & stream.

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Reaping the Harvest of MOSAIC – 15 Years of Supreme Thuringian Folklore

2020 marks the 15th year since the conception and birth of MOSAIC, the evocative, enigmatic brainchild of Martin van Valkenstijn.

Harvest: Songs of autumnal landscapes and melancholy spans the first 10 years of MOSAIC. It is a collection of early material, containing the very first Mosaic recordings which have been released previously only on very small runs of cassette tapes. To complete the autumnal feast the orignal Samhain Celebration song cycle was added, which complements the early material and advance it to a full-length duration.

Harvest is an ode to Valkenstijn’s beloved Thuringian homelands. It takes us on a journey through misty woods and foggy nights, when the golden sunlight of late summer must give in to the autumnal cold that starts rising from the ground, when the warmth of summer must yield to the chilling breeze that heralds the end of the year, when the light must give in to the dark. Valkenstijn’s unique recitations of poems by Georg Trakl, Joseph Eichendorff, Max Dauthendey and more, together with his own original writings, evoke the scents of a fire crackling in the chill morning air, of mossy woods that lure the melancholic mind ever deeper into their enchanted depths.

Starting off as a delicate blend of the finest neofolkloristic/-classical soundscapes – think Empyrium, Sturmpercht or Rome – Harvest eventually erupts into outbursts of furious black metal in the vein of Germany’s éminence grise Lunar Aurora.

The recordings were thoroughly reinvigorated without losing their original appeal by Valkenstijn in May MMXX at his House of Inkantation.

This album will be released as on all digital channels and as jewel-case with a complete new layout and artwork based on historic photographs from Thuringia. A two-sided 24x24cm poster and a slipcase with the orignal artwork are also included.


Martin Valkenstijn – All instruments and Vocals


Heemann (Ex-Secrets of the Moon) – Drums & Percussion (Song 12)

Leshiyas (Vivus Humare) – Percussion (Song 9), Drums and Bass Guitar (Song 14)

Danijel Zambo (Walden) – Additional Atmosphere (Song 10 & 11)


01. Feuerspuk und Tannenreben
02. Dunkler Herbst
03. Schwarze Erde
04. Haimat
05. Golden Sunset
06. Autumn Winds
07. Inkantation: O Sun King!
08. Samhain
09. Der letzte Atem
10. Olden Hair (Blood is King Pt. I)
11. Inkantation: O Blood King! (Blood is King Pt. II)
12. As the Fields call from the Graves (Blood is King Pt. III)
13. The Commandment
14. Bittersweet Odour
15. Geleit zum Wyntar

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